Here’s How It Works

  1. Register for the challenge! The cost is $30 (includes shipping) and we’ll send out your shirt. If you just want the shirt and don’t want to do the challenge, that’s cool. If you want to do the challenge, go to step 2.
  2. Set up an account on Strava! It’s not required but we’d love for you to join our private Strava club. We’ll send instructions in your confirmation email. Encouraging, reminiscing, and friendly trash-talking is permitted and encouraged.
  3. Join either the Beginner or Intermediate Challenge Hound group to track your Total Mileage Challenge. We’ll send instructions in your confirmation email.
  4. Run, Walk, Jog, Saunter, Mozy to accumulate the most miles on foot in 6 weeks. Track the Challenge Hound Leaderboards for Most Distance, Most Elevation Gain, Most Consistency, and Most Dedication. Every step counts. The challenge runs from April 13 – May 24.
  5. Submit your time for one walk or run each week into the Virtual Results. Your distance has to be at least as long as the Distance of the Week, but it’s ok if it’s longer.
  6. Cross your fingers! Each week on Monday we’ll pick a random winner from each category to win a prize from one of our favorite local companies that has supported the race community over the years. You must upload your results before Sunday at midnight to be eligible for the weekly prize!

 Distance of the Week




Week 1 (April 13 – April 19)

1 Mile


Week 2 (April 20 – April 26)

1.5 Miles

4 Miles

Week 3 (April 27 – May 3)

2 Miles


Week 4 (May 4 – May 10)

2.5 Miles

6 Miles

Week 5 (May 11-May 17)

3 Miles


Week 6 (May 18-May 24)

3.5 Miles

8 Miles


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