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The Little Rock Marathon App, powered by Arkansas Children’s Hospital Circle of Friends, is back!!

The App is designed to provide participants and spectators with race weekend tips and information in an easy-to-use and interactive platform.

The App is free and available in the Apple and Google Play stores.  Features include:


Allows users to follow the progress of their athlete on the course.  Estimated participant locations will be plotted on an interactive course map, making it possible for spectators to find their participants on race day at specific mile splits.

Participant and Spectator Info

Users can easily access detailed race weekend information, tips and frequently asked questions to enhance their race weekend experience.

Social Media

Rolling streams of all Facebook, Twitter and Instagram content using the hashtags #LRMarathon #LR262 #LR131 #WhatsYourQuest are aggregated into the app.  Users can also access their device’s photos directly from the app and upload to their social media channels.

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