kids-registerbutton125x125Kids-pageAfter completing the first 25.2 miles of the marathon, you can be part of the Little Rockers Kids Marathon Final Mile on Saturday, March 3rd.  This is a special event on race weekend where kids can run to their finish, covering that final mile of the official Little Rock Marathon course.  Participants get all the swag deserving of a marathoner including shirt, medal, and finisher’s treats. Registration is required.  Adults can accompany kids but for safety and security of our children, we do ask that they be registered as well.


Saturday, March 3, 2018
11:00 a.m.

LOCATION (New Start & Finish)

Start – TBA
Finish – TBA


The Little Rockers Kids Marathon is a fun running and walking program that children participate in through their schools, sports groups, church or at home with a parent.  Participants run or walk 25.2 miles over a period of time, logging their progress.  Then on race day, children will complete their last mile on the official Little Rock Marathon course.  As each child crosses the finish line, they receive their official finisher’s medal.

The mission of the Little Rockers Kids Marathon is to give children in 1st thru 7th grades the opportunity to enhance their physical activity (by following a fun, simple running and/or walking program) while focusing on reaching a goal.  The hope is to motivate children to commit to a physical routine, which will allow them to experience the overall benefits of achieving their goals, not only when they cross the finish line, but in life as well.

The goal is simple – Get Children Moving!


A marathon is 26.2 miles. The idea of the modern marathon was inspired by the legend of an ancient Greek messenger named Pheidippides who ran from the plains of Marathon to Athens with the news of an important Greek victory over the invading Persian army in 490 BC.  He ran was about 40 kilometers (about 26 miles). The marathon got its name from Pheidippides dramatic run.

Today, thousands of people run marathons for fun every year!  People who run marathons train a lot and have to be in good shape to run or walk such a long distance.


Date Online Mail In
Thru 12/31/2017 TBA TBA
1/1/2018 thru 2/16/2018 TBA TBA
At Expo None None
  • Limited to the first 2,100 children
  • Fees are not refundable.
  • Price changes occur online at 11:59 PM CST.
  • A transaction and credit card processing fee is charged by when you register online.  The fee is charged on the total amount not just the registration fee.
  • Online registration for Little Rockers closed February 16th.
  • On-line registrants will receive an auto-generated email confirmation stating their registration was received. Keep this email confirmation as it has vital information needed to obtain the registrant’s race packet on race weekend.
  • Mail-in entries MUST be postmarked by February 16, 2018.


There are two ways for children to participate in the Little Rockers Kids Marathon:

  • At home with an adult’s supervision
  • As part of an Official Program – participate through an official Little Rockers group at a participating school, church or civic organization


The first 25 miles are “honor” miles. Kids get the most from this experience if they earn these miles. Measure a safe, secure route, which will allow easy record keeping. If your child is participating in a program, your child’s leader will do all this.

  1. A typical city block for example, is approximately 1/4 mile around.
  2. A high school track is 1/4 mile around.
  3. You can even measure a route inside your home and run/walk it to reach the mileage goal.
  • We encourage you to join your kids and make this a family event. Please follow the training tips listed above.
  • As your child completes his/her goals, he/she can keep track of progress using the Training Log above. They can also use the official course map to see where they would be if they were on the adult course. Daily record keeping is a lesson as kids chart their progress toward their goal.
  • Recognize your child’s mileage. Present an “award” at 5, 10, 15 and 20 miles.  Please see the “Motivate Your Little Rock” for suggested recognition.  Make the awards presentation a special time. Recognition is important!
  • The final 1.2 miles will start at 11 am on Saturday, March 3. Kids and parents should arrive no later than 10 am at the start line. Make sure to bring your tracking meters so we can post them at the event on Race Day! Kids, parents and race officials will move from there to the Start Line together.
  • Please Note! Parents may run/walk with your child, but it is not mandatory. If you plan to participate, you will be required to wear a race number. The parent registration fee is $10 and you MUST register when you register your child(ren). You will receive an official race shirt and race number.  Sorry, parents will not receive a medal. For safety, no one is allowed on the course without a race number.


The Little Rockers Kids Marathon is a great way to get children excited about physical fitness and reward them for their accomplishments. Little Rockers programs are led by adult volunteers from schools, churches, athletic teams, civic, and community organization. A program is 10 or more children.

Not all children are alike, so not all Little Rocker Programs are alike.  The Little Rockers Kids Marathon Training Program is designed to allow each leader to be as creative as their time, talent and budget will allow.

To register your program, click the button below.

Register your program now!


  • Kids run or walk the first 25.2 miles of their marathon one mile at a time on a safe, secure route designated by parents, coaches or teachers. The program should take 6-8 weeks to complete depending on the fitness level of the child.  A less-active child may need to start earlier to complete the program.
  • Wear running shoes or sneakers and socks. Proper footwear helps prevent foot problems.
  • Run/walk with a parent or friend. You can encourage each other that way. Talk while you run/walk, you can maintain the perfect pace that way.
  • Stretch your legs before you train. Stretching helps prevent injuries. Hold each stretch for 20 seconds. DO NOT BOUNCE.
  • Drink lots of water after you train and throughout the day. Water helps muscles do their work.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Your muscles need lots of rest so you can keep running/walking every day.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet including lots of protein (meat or dairy) and carbohydrates (pasta, rice, potatoes). Your body needs fuel to do its work!
  • Below are training schedules with suggested distances or you may set up your own schedule with a parent or teacher’s help.
  • If you can only run or walk a little, keep trying.
  • If you run or walk more than a mile per day, great!
  • If you play a lot of soccer or other sports where you run a lot, this may be easy. Just remember to space your workouts so you are prepared to run or walk the final distance on race weekend!
  • Early completion of the program is not recommended. The schedule leaves Saturdays and Sundays available for make-up days or to give you a rest day during the week.
  • It is important to keep track of your progress toward your goal. As you complete each mile, color or mark off each mile on the Training Log.


The Little Rock Marathon does not provide transportation to the start line.  We recommend that parking south of the start line.  Many of the roads north of the start line will be closed.   Local parking lots and street parking south of the start line will be available race day. Please review the Parking Map prior to race day.

  • Please do not park on the race course. Your car will be relocated.
  • Be sure to allow time to park and walk to the Start Line.


Come prepared for a variety of weather conditions. With a reasonable likelihood in March, the threat of a tornado, extreme heat or icy conditions could prompt the cancellation or delay of the event for all participants.  Race officials will make decisions regarding the cancellation or alteration of the race.  In the event of a course evacuation, race officials or City of Little Rock Police will direct participants to designated shelter areas.


  • The parent will be issued the same race number as his/her child. That race number MUST be on the front, outer-most layer of the torso.
  • As much as possible, please try to run/walk at an even pace the entire event instead of starting and stopping, sprinting and walking, etc.
  • Should you need to walk, please move to the far right of the road and try to ease your pace into a walk instead of abruptly stopping.
  • Stay to the right and allow others to pass on the left.
  • Please pass slower runners/walkers on the left.
  • If you see a participant who needs medical attention, please alert a course marshal or EMT.
  • At the finish line please be aware that other participants coming up behind you and do not stop abruptly. Once you receive your medal please proceed through finishers’ chute and then celebrate with your family and friends outside of the chute.
  • No dogs on the course.
  • No bicycles are allowed on the course.
  • No strollers on the course.
  • Encourage other participants and thank our volunteers!


Leah Pearce, Chair | E-mail


Parent FAQs (pdf)

2018 Course Map (pdf)

Start/Finish Area Map (pdf)

Parking Area Map (pdf)

Training Log (pdf)

Training Schedules (pdf)

Final Race Instructions (pdf)

2018 Finisher’s Certificate (pdf)