Mud, Guts, & Glory Tug-of-War Details

Be part of the new Mud, Guts & Glory Tug-of-War!


  • Epic tug-of-war across a mud pit
  • Feats of strength and power
  • Teams of 6 participants
  • Mixed teams are encouraged (all ages and genders welcome)
  • Team costumes and themes are highly recommended
  • Benefits Little Rock Parks & Recreation

What is the Mud, Guts & Glory Tug-of-War?
A fun game where two teams pull on opposite ends of a rope, with the goal of pulling the opposing team into the mud.

Forming A Team
Finding people to be on a team might seem like an overwhelming task, but it is easier than you think. Who’s on your team? People you know from:

  • Work
  • School
  • Church or religious organizations
  • Wedding party
  • Recreational team (softball, kickball, bowling, basketball)
  • Gyms or fitness class
  • Friends and family
  • Civic organization

The key is getting the word out through the various social circles and community hubs you’re already connected with.  People are often excited about the chance to be part of a new team/activity, especially if it’s lighthearted and fun like the Mud, Guts & Glory Tug.

  •  Recruit members: Each team has 6 members (also called tuggers). Look for people who are strong, athletic, or just fun to be around.
  • Select a team captain: The person who organizes things.
  • Come up with a great team name.
  • Come up with a team shirt or costume (there will be awards).
  • Register your team.

Once teams are registered, captains are provided continued guidance and support to ensure their team is prepared and ready for a unique and exciting experience!

Participant Swag:

  • the highly prized participant shirt
  • 10’x10’ tailgating space
  • Having fun with friends and family
  • A great way to burn off calories

The Rules
Serious for the most part, but it is the Mud Run.

  • Teams must consist of 6 individuals.
  • Tug participants will be issued a wrist band to signify they are on a team.  Only those with a wristband are permitted to pull.
  • Closed toe shoes are required during the pull.
  • No spiked or cleated footwear is allowed
  • No gloves may be worn
  • No knots permitted
  • IMPORTANT: all tug participants must sign the release form at the sign-in desk before they can pull
  • Teams may obtain sponsors if desired
  • A match begins when the teams have grabbed the rope, the referee centers the rope, and
    yells the word “Pull!”
  • All team members must be standing and on their feet during a match. 
  • Teams may not shake the rope during a match.
  • No inappropriate language will be tolerated toward the judges, fans, or fellow competitors.
  • Participants may only pull for one team.
  • No wrapping the rope around any body part during the pull unless you are the team’s anchor.
  • A 15-minute time limit will be set for each game.
  • Winning teams advance to the next round.
  • Teams will have 5-ish minutes between each match to prepare themselves for the next pull. During that time, competitors may drink water, towel-dry their hands and body, eat, talk strategy, etc.
  • No jewelry of any kind will be permitted during the match. This rule applies to both men and women.

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