The Little Rock Marathon offers a FREE virtual training program to prepare individuals for the 2023 Little Rock Marathon (as well as half marathon, 10K and 5K).

Proper training can be the difference between a great race experience and a long tough day.

Our goal is to offer you virtual coaching and guidance, as well as motivation to get you across the finish line. Whether it is your first race or a personal best, our free virtual training tips and schedules are for athletes of all ages and levels of fitness.

Since 2003, our veteran RRCA coaches Hobbit and Tom Singleton, have trained more than 37,000 athletes.  Because of their passion and unselfish devotion to new athletes, our training program has contributed an estimated $2.7 million back into the world running community.


  • Training schedules geared to safely prepare individuals for race day
  • Training tips
  • “Ask the Coach” and educational webinars/videos


  • We recommend finding a training partner or group to join.
  • Find a schedule that works best for you (ours is free and proven).
  • Please consult with your physician before beginning this or any fitness program.


Training schedules are divided into two parts.

  • Build-Up Phase: The build-up phase of training is for those who are starting from scratch or need to build up to the distance of the first official long training.
  • Official Phase: The official phase of training is for those who plan to participate in the 2023 race. 

Schedules (click here)


  • Words of Wisdom according to Mama Hobbit

Training Videos

  • The Basics (link)
  • Distance vs. time (link)
  • Training Goals (link)
  • Those Shoes (link)
  • Equipment (link)
  • Running At Night – 2013 (link)

For other videos, check out the official Little Rock Marathon Channel (click here)

For more information about the Training Program please contact:
Hobbit Singleton | E-Mail