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Fees are NOT refundable

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  • Online registration closes at 11:59 PM CST February 21, 2020.
  • Late registration will resume at the Little Rock Marathon Health & Fitness Expo on February 28 – 29 if the desired race is NOT sold out.
  • A transaction and credit card processing fee will be applied to the total charge by
  • On-line registrants will receive an auto-generated confirmation immediately after the registration is completed.  Keep this email confirmation for future reference as it has vital information you may need race weekend.  If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder first. Then log into your participant dashboard to correct your email.  RACE ROSTER PARTICIPANT DASHBOARD – CLICK HERE 
  • Mail In registration fees are higher than online and postmarked by February 14, 2020. Registrations postmarked after February 14, 2020 will be held until the Little Rock Marathon Health & Fitness Expo and processed at Expo rates (if the desired race is not sold out).

By race day, registrants must be:

Half Marathon
Little Rockers Kids Marathon

Minimum Age
1st Grade

Maximum Age
6th Grade

Please read carefully before registering for any event.

It is understood that you have read and confirm (via your submitted registration) your understanding of all event policies.

  • The Little Rock Marathon does not offer refunds for any reason. The weekend does not happen overnight. Expenses must be incurred in advance, which makes it difficult and costly to make changes after registration.  Medals, bibs, shirts and other items are ordered many months before the race and purchased according to information provided during initial registration.  As a result, and similar to most races in the industry, the Little Rock Marathon does not offer refunds.  This applies to individuals with injuries, unexpected business, family emergencies, etc.
  • The Little Rock Marathon reserves the right to reject any registration.
  • The 2020 Little Rock Marathon (and companion races) are expected to sell out.
  • There is NO race day registration on any event.
  • There is NO race day packet pick up.
  • All participants MUST pick up their race packet during the Health & Fitness Expo to participate in the race.  Please see packet pick up page for more information.
  • Registrations may only be transferred to another individual by following the transfer process listed above. Unauthorized transfers will not be allowed. Any individual caught participating with another participant’s number will be removed from the course and disqualified.
  • All participants under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign their registration form to participate.
  • An official race number is required to participate in all races. NO BANDITS!  Please see FAQs for penalties for unauthorized individuals.


To correct personal registration data, log into Race Roster, then click the Go to dashboard button. CLICK HERE


Switching races/distances (aka Sub-Events) and/or adding the 10K or 5K to your race is permitted as long as registration is open for the new distance and entries are still available.

Deadline:  February 14, 2020

  • A fee of $2 will be charged from one race to another, plus any applicable registration fees, as well as credit card processing fees.
  • Participants may switch between races (marathon to half, half to 10K, 5K to halfONLY if the desired race is NOT sold out.  We encourage you to make this decision early as possible.
  • Registration fee is based on current price will be credited toward the new registration
  • There are NO refunds on fees.
  • All switches must be completed online.
  • Changes after the deadline will be processed at the Health & Fitness Expo (if space is available in the desired race). Pick up your race packet first, then head to the Solutions/Problem Solver desk to make changes.

To switch distances and/or add a race please CLICK HERE

If necessary, CLICK HERE for more detailed directions on how to switch from one event (aka Sub-Event) to another in Race Roster.

Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness.  The Little Rock Marathon seeks to ensure the greatest number of properly trained athletes are on the start line.  After registering some individuals ultimately decide they are unable to participate for one reason or another.  These individuals may opt to transfer their registration to another individual.

Deadline:  February 14, 2020

  • A fee of $2 will be charged from one race to another, plus any applicable registration fees, as well as credit card processing fees.
  • Registration fee is based on current price will be credited toward the new registration
  • There are NO refunds on fees.
  • The Little Rock Marathon does NOT assist in the identification of individuals to receive a transfer. Participants often find transfer partners on our Facebook Page.
  • Only individuals currently registered for this year’s event may transfer a registration to another individual.
  • When transferring a registration, individuals do not receive a refund on registration fees from the Little Rock Marathon.  Any such monetary transactions must be handled directly between individuals.
  • Participants who deferred an entry from the previous year’s race may NOT transfer their registration to another individual.
  • Registrations may not be transferred more than once.
  • Once submitted, the transfer cannot be cancelled.
  • Individuals that transfer their registration and do not follow the transfer process will be disqualified, banned and removed from the course if caught.
  • The unofficial sale or transfer of numbers between participants, whether in person or online, is strictly prohibited for the safety of all participants.

To transfer your registration to another please CLICK HERE

If necessary, CLICK HERE for more detailed directions on how to transfer your registration to a new participant in Race Roster.


If you are registered for this year’s race and wish to defer your entry funds (ONE TIME ONLY) to the 2021 race, you may do so for $20. 

Time Frame:  January 1 – February 14, 2020

  • No deferrals after February 14.
  • You may only defer an entry one year
  • Deferring your entry does not automatically enter you into 2021 race. You must re-register. A code will be sent to all deferred registrants after registration for the 2021 race opens.
  • Registrants are responsible for registering themselves.
  • Deferred registrations may NOT be transferred to another person.
  • Refunds will not be issued under any circumstances.
  • There will be no deferrals at the race expo.

To defer your registration to 2021, please CLICK HERE

The Little Rock Marathon wants to provide a safe race environment for all participants.  Should there be a time that it is determined to be unsafe to start a race or proceed with the race, once it has started, the following policy may be enforced:

  • If weather or other conditions present a danger to participants, the Little Rock Marathon maintains the right to cancel or modify the race.
  • Extreme weather conditions will be recognized as “an act of god” and will not result in the refunding of race registration fees or future race credits.
  • Public safety officials and medical authorities will be consulted prior to any race cancellation or modification.  Should City of Little Rock officials, which are beyond Little Rock Marathon’s control, impact the ability of race official’s to conduct the event, the same refund policy will be in effect.
  • Little Rock Marathon asserts that each participant assumes a personal responsibility when entering a running/walking event and accepts the potential risks. The Little Rock Marathon encourages all participants to take all precautions and cooperate with directives given during the race by event personnel.
  • Unfortunately, almost all race related expenses will have been incurred prior to the actual race. Should the race be forced to modify the course or cancel the race, the financial impact on the race would not be any different from if the race was held in its entirety. Thus, refunding of registration fees would devastate the financial future of the race.

Once we receive and accept your registration, you will not receive a refund if you cannot participate. If you cannot participate, your options are:

  • Transfer your registration to another individual (see transfer section above).
  • Defer your funds to 2021 (see deferral section above).
  • Request your participant t-shirt be mailed (if you pick up your race packet at the expo, then we will not mail another shirt). We will be happy to mail your participant t-shirt after the race (approximately 4-6 weeks after the race). T-shirt requests must be submitted PRIOR to race weekend.   Please mail a check for $8 (to cover postage and envelope) made payable to Little Rock Marathon to 500 W Markham, Suite 108B1, Little Rock, AR 722201.  Please include a note that states your name, mailing address, and name of participant.