Are there awards?

  • Only the top male, female, non-binary, and wheel chair of marathon, half marathon, 10K and 5K races will be recognized at the finish line. There is no award ceremony.  All other awards will be mailed once race officials have certified the winners.
  • Overall winner awards are based on gun time. Age group awards are based on chip time.
  • No duplication of awards.
  • Electronic finisher’s certificates for the marathon and half marathon will be available on the results page of the website once race officials have certified the winners (mid-December).


  • Overall Male & Female (top 3)
  • Masters Male & Female (top 3)
  • Wheelchair (top 3)
  • Hand cycle (top 3)
  • Physically Challenged Athlete (top 3)
  • Age Group Awards (top 3 male and top 3 female) in each category:
    16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80 & Over

Half Marathon:

  • Overall Male & Female (top 3)
  • Masters Male & Female (top 3)
  • Wheelchair (top 3)
  • Hand cycle (top 3)
  • Physically Challenged Athlete (top 3)
  • Age Group Awards (top 3 male and top 3 female) in each category:
    14 & Under, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+


  • Overall Male & Female (top 3)
  • Masters Male & Female (top 3)
  • Wheelchair (top 3)
  • Hand cycle (top 3)
  • Physically Challenged Athlete (top 3)
  • Age Group Awards (top 3 male and top 3 female) in each category:
    9 & Under, 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70 -74, 75-79, 80+


  • Top 10 Male
  • Top 10 Female
  • No Age Group Awards

If I win an award in my age division or in another category, how will I receive that award?
With the exception of the overall male and female winners of each race, all awards are mailed to the award winners within 6-8 weeks once results are certified by race officials.

Will I get a finisher’s certificate?
Electronic finisher’s certificates for the marathon and half marathon will be available on the results page of the website once race officials have certified the winners.

Are specific walking awards given?

Is chip time or gun time used to determine awards?
Gun time is used to determine overall awards.  Chip time is used to determine age group awards. No duplication of awards.

Is prize money offered for winning?

Will there be an awards ceremony?
Only the top male and female of marathon, half marathon, 10K and 5K races will be recognized at the finish line.  There is no award ceremony.  All other awards will be mailed once race officials have certified the winners.


Can I use my Little Rock Marathon time to qualify for the Boston Marathon?
You bet! In fact, the previous winners have said the Little Rock Marathon is a good tune up for Boston!

How do I submit my time to the Boston Marathon?
When registering for the Boston Marathon, enter your finishing time, finishing place, the race name and location, and the date of the race in the section entitled “Qualification Information.” Be sure to indicate if the time you enter is gun time or chip time.

Will the Boston Marathon check to confirm my time?
Yes. The Little Rock Marathon will send a complete list of finishers to the BAA after the race. The time that you put on your Boston Marathon registration will be checked against the official time that they have on file. For any other questions concerning qualification for the Boston Marathon, please contact the Boston Athletic Association.


Will there be an electrolyte drink offered on the course?
Yes.  Gatorade Endurance (lemon lime flavor) is offered at 15 aid stations along the course.  Please see Participant Race Book for specific locations.

Is the course certified?
Yes.  The marathon and half marathon courses will be UST&F certified courses. UST&F certification numbers will be posted on each course map.  The 10K and 5K courses are not certified. The Little Rock Marathon and companion races are not UST&F sanctioned events. 

I’m not a big runner, but I love to walk. Can I walk in this race? 
Absolutely! We love walkers!!! All participants are treated as athletes regardless if they run or walk.

Do you allow pets to run/walk with me?
No. Due to the large numbers of participants on both Saturday and Sunday, we do not allow pets on the course. For their safety and the safety of our athletes we ask that you follow this rule.

Can I push a stroller on the course?
No. The only wheels allowed on the course are registered wheelchair and hand cycle athletes. Additionally, bicyclists (with the exception of Marathon-sanctioned bicycle athlete escorts), rollerblades, dogs, etc. are not allowed on the course – only registered participants are allowed on the race course during the event.

Are wheelchairs welcome?
Yes. Start time for wheelchair participants will be 7:55 a.m.

Can I have my friend run with me if he/she is not entered in the race?
Absolutely NOT! All individuals must have a race number on the front of their person. Individuals without a race number will be consider bandits and promptly removed from the course.

How many aid stations are on the course, and what will be offered at these stations?
15 aid stations will offer Gatorade Endurance (lemon lime flavor) and water from Premium Refreshment Services.  Various flavors of Honey Stinger Energy Gels will also be offered.  Please see Participant Race Book for specific details.

What is the elevation change for the course? Is the course hilly?
Our standard answer is “what hills?” (wink. wink. nudge. nudge….that’s why we have that t-shirt.) Or “it depends on your perspective.” One man’s mountain is another man’s bump in the road. The Little Rock Marathon and companion races are a running and walking tour through the scenic streets of Arkansas’ capital city.  The elevation changes for the 2022 proposed courses are subject to change once courses are finalized.

Elevation (ft):

Half Marathon



Max Elevation


Is there a map of the course online?
Yes. It is on the course page. If the link does not work it means we are working on maps. The staff is small and it takes a while to get all information online. A final map is always in the participant final instructions that are handed out during the Little Rock Health & Fitness Expo.

Where are the porta potties on the course?
Yes. Every aid station has porta potties. There will be more than 250 porta potties spread throughout the course. Look for them at each aid station

Is there a professional race photographer?
Yes.  Professional photographers will be stationed along the course and at the finish line to capture your moment. RBS PICS is the official photographer of the 2022 Little Rock Marathon Weekend.

Is there a time limit?
Yes.  If you are unable to maintain the pace of your designated race listed below, you may be asked to move to the sidewalk as portions of the course close and open to traffic.

Race Start Time Time Limit Pace (min per mile)
5K 7:30 am (Saturday) 1 hour 19:19
10K 7:30 am (Saturday) 2 hours 19:19
Half Marathon 8:00 am (Sunday) 4 hours 18:19
Marathon (Early Start) 6:00 am (Sunday) 8 hours 18:19
Marathon 8:00 am (Sunday) 6 hours 13:44

Is there an early start?
Yes. The early start is at 6 a.m.  The early start is ONLY for marathoners needing more than 6 hours to complete the marathon course.  The early start is NOT an optional start.  All athletes will be approved for the early start.  Participants who run/walk a pace faster than a 18:19 minute mile at the 6 am start will be removed from the course, banned permanently, disqualified, and will not receive an official finish time.

If I’m normally a 6:00 athlete, but intend to try to finish in under 6:00, may I still sign up for the Early Start? 
No.  The early start participants must stay with or behind the 6 hour pacers – no faster than a 18:19 mile pace.  You will be disqualified if you run faster.

I didn’t request an early start, but may decide to start early on race day.  Is that allowed?
No.  All Early Start athletes are pre-approved and have a special bib.  Without that bib, you will not be allowed into the early start corral.

I was approved to start early and I have the Early Start bib, but I feel like I will go faster than a 6:00 marathon pace on race day.  May I start at the regular start with an Early Start bib?
Yes.  You may start at the regular start of 8 am. You MUST be able to finish in 6 hours our less.

I overslept can I start the race late?
The start line will stay open 1 minute and 9 seconds after the last participant crosses the start line. Those that arrive later will not be allowed to start.

What do you mean by “race pace”?
Your race pace is how many minutes it takes you to run or walk one mile. Say it takes you ten minutes to run one mile. That means that your race pace is 10 minutes per mile.

Is there a pace team?
Yes. The 2022 Little Rock Marathon Pace Team is sponsored by Michelob Ultra.  Enjoy the historic sights of Little Rock and immerse yourself in all the southern hospitality along our course while someone else worries about your time goal!   On race day, veteran volunteer marathoners (known as pacers) will do the math and deliver you to the finish line on time.  A Pace Group is a number of runners and/or walkers working together to achieve a shared time goal.  The group is led by a volunteer called a Pacer who is experienced running/walking with groups of people. Whether you are trying to set a PR, qualify for another race, or just get across the finish line, a Pace Group is the way to go!

Pace times for the general start will be as follows (hours:minutes):

Marathon Finish Time

Early Start
Marathon Finish Time

Pace Per Mile

Pace Per Mile

Half Finish Time





Can I wear an IPod, MP3, Walkman, or headphones during the race?
No. Parts of our course are open to vehicular traffic. Using devices like an iPod, MP3, personal music device or headphones during the race is not only unsafe, but is also an issue of politeness. Wearing an electronic device like these, is difficult, if not impossible, to hear other participants as they approach or volunteers/police as they try to give you vital information. Since we know some participants don’t pay attention to the rules, you could be disqualified if you become a problem. 

Can I leave items with volunteers along the course?
No. Volunteers will not accept items. If you leave something at an aid station or along the course you do so at your own risk.


Where can I meet my family and friends after the race?
The Athlete’s Village is located inside the Statehouse Convention Center, Governor’s Hall I & II, which is at the corner of Markham and Main Street. The Athlete’s Village is where friends and family can meet up with participants and enjoy the afternoon.

What is the “Finish Line Refreshment”?
As you exit the runner services area (which is a secure area and off limits to the public), you will be offered a snack – not a heavy meal. This snack will include fruit, something salty and something sweet. Why? These snacks are meant to stabilize you until you feel like eating something a little more. Once you exit the finish line you will NOT be allow to re-enter to get something to eat.


Can I drop off my extra runner gear to pick up at the finish line?
Gear Check is located in Athlete’s Village inside the Statehouse Convention Center (Hall I & II).  Gear Check will only accept the clear plastic bag received at packet pick-up. If you arrive at the “Athlete-Only” Start Area with any other bag, box, luggage, backpack etc., that you wanted to take to Gear Check, you will have the opportunity to transfer your items into a clear Gear Check bag. Your other bag will need to be returned to your car, hotel room or left with a friend or family member. These rules are enforced to create as safe an environment as possible.

Is there gear check on Saturday for the 5K and 10K?
No. Only on Sunday.

Where is gear check located on Sunday for the Marathon and Half Marathon?

It’s in the same place you picked up your race number.

Statehouse Convention Center
Halls I and II
Main & Markham Streets
Little Rock, AR 72201

5 am – 3:30 pm

How many bags can I leave?
Each participant may leave one bag at gear check on race day. Only the clear plastic gear check bags given to participants at packet pick up will be accepted.  Other bags will NOT be accepted. Please write your race number on the outside of gear check bag with a durable marker.  After the finish line area closes, all unclaimed bags will be donated to a local charity on race day.  All bags must be picked up by 4:00 pm. No exceptions. The Little Rock Marathon is not responsible for bags that are not picked up.  All items must be in a bag with participant’s name and race number written on the outside of the bag. Volunteers will NOT accept loose keys or a cell phone. Those items must be in a bag and properly identified.

Can I leave jewelry, computers, or other valuables at gear check?
We strongly discourage this. The Little Rock Marathon is not responsible for lost or stolen property, including anything placed at gear check.


When is race weekend?
March 5 – 6, 2022

When is race weekend in future years?
2023 – March 3 – 4
2024 – March 2 – 3
2025 – March 1 – 2
2026 – March 7 – 8

Does the Little Rock Marathon benefit a charity?
The mission of the Little Rock Marathon is provide a premier event open to athletes of all abilities, while promoting a healthy lifestyle through running and walking and raising money for Little Rock Parks & Recreation.    Since inception in 2003, more than $1,246,000 has been donated to Little Rock Parks & Recreation.

With an estimated $6 million in local spending annually, more than 270,442 individuals have participated in a Little Rock Marathon race, event, or free training program.  This has been achieved through school-based programs, community outreach, partnerships with running/walking groups across the country and passionate grass roots promotion.

How do I become a sponsor?
For information on becoming a sponsor, please contact Geneva Lamm at 501-371-4639 or email

Are hotel discounts available for participants?
Yes, refer to the list of hotels and special rates found on the “hotel & area information” tab on the website.

Can I get a late check-out at my hotel?
We have no way of controlling whether or not a hotel will give a late check-out.  If you would like a late check out, you must make those arrangements with your hotel.

When and where will the finishing times be posted?
Unofficial results will be posted Monday following the race at We are not responsible and have no control over incorrect unofficial results that may be printed and/or broadcast by media outlets immediately following the race. Results will not be certified as official for at least two weeks following the race. Official results will be posted on the results page.

The celebration begins at the start of the race and will continue until the last athlete crosses the finish line. As athletes make their way thru the runner services area, Athlete’s Village (inside Statehouse Convention Center) will be open for family and friends waiting to re-unite with their athletes.   This will take place in Governor’s Halls I & II, and will feature music, drinks, merchandise and thousands of athletes, family and friends celebrating their accomplishments and brandishing the largest marathon finisher’s medal in the world.

What is your refund policy?
No refunds will be issued.  This includes requests made due to injury, surgery, pregnancy, personal circumstances, date conflicts and professional commitments.  This is an industry standard policy and not unique to our event.

What is your deferral policy?
The deferral window will be open until February 14, 2022.  A $20 fee will be charged to cover cost already incurred and the administration of this program.

  • No deferrals after February 14.
  • You may only defer funds for one year.
  • Deferring your entry does not automatically enter you into 2023 race. You must re-register for the 2023 race.
  • The amount of your deferral credit will be equal to the amount of the original registration fee paid. A code will be sent to all deferred registrants after registration for the 2023 race opens.
  • Registrants are responsible for registering themselves.
  • Deferred registrations may NOT be transferred to another person.
  • Refunds will not be issued under any circumstances.
  • There will be no deferrals at the race expo.

Please log into your participant dashboard at Race Roster, CLICK HERE.

I deferred my 2020 registration to 2021, may I defer again to 2022?

Can I transfer my registration to another person?
The Little Rock Marathon seeks to ensure the greatest number of properly trained athletes are on the start line. After registering some individuals ultimately decide they are unable to participate for one reason or another.  These individuals may opt to transfer their registration to another individual.

If necessary, CLICK HERE for more detailed directions on how to transfer your registration to a new participant in Race Roster.  

  • Registration fee is based on current price.  The registration fee already paid will be credited toward the new participant’s registration.
  • All differences in registration fees charged will be paid by the new participant when completing their portion of the transfer.
  • There are NO refunds on fees.
  • The Little Rock Marathon does NOT assist in the identification of individuals to receive a transfer. Participants often find transfer partners on our Facebook Page.
  • Only individuals currently registered for this year’s event may transfer a registration to another individual.
  • When transferring a registration, individuals do not receive a refund on registration fees from the Little Rock Marathon.  Any such monetary transactions must be handled directly between individuals.
  • Participants who deferred an entry from the previous year’s race may NOT transfer their registration to another individual.
  • Registrations may not be transferred more than once.
  • Once submitted, the transfer cannot be cancelled.
  • Individuals that transfer their registration and do not follow the transfer process will be disqualified, banned and removed from the course if caught.
  • The unofficial sale or transfer of numbers between participants, whether in person or online, is strictly prohibited for the safety of all participants.

To transfer your registration to another please CLICK HERE

Do you keep a waiting list?
We do not keep a waiting list for either event, nor do we facilitate entry transfers from our office.  The Facebook page for “The Little Rock Marathon” is often the best place to connect with runners looking to officially transfer bibs during the approved transfer period.

I am injured and/or cannot attend the event. Can I get a refund?
No. We do not refund fees. No exceptions.

Will there be official merchandise available?
Yes.  Official merchandise will be for sale at the Expo and on race day in Athlete’s Village.

Can my family track me during my race?


How old does a child need to be to participate in this program? 
Children who are enrolled in grade 1 thru 6, who are in good health and have been given permission by your family physician.

How long is the Little Rockers Kids Marathon?
A marathon is 26.2 miles. The Little Rockers Kids Marathon, presented by Hatcher Agency is a modified marathon, which means your child can run or walk at least 25.2 miles prior to race day at his or her own pace over an extended period of time. Then on race day, your child completes the final mile on the official Little Rock Marathon course. Each paid participant will receive an official race shirt, an official race number (MUST be picked up at the Little Rock Marathon Health & Fitness Expo) and race packet prior to race morning. Medals will be awarded race day when he or she crosses the finish line.

Can I run along with my child during the Little Rockers Kids Marathon?
A parent may participate with his/her child. The parent will be required to register for the race and pay the registration fee to participate. One adult may participate with no more than five (5) children and must be with the child(ren) at all times. The parent will be issued the same race number as his/her child. That race number MUST be on the front, outer-most layer of the torso.

How long will it take to complete the Little Rockers Kids Marathon?
Depending on a child’s level of fitness and eagerness, he or she should be able to complete the mileage in four or five months.

How does a child train for the Little Rockers Kids Marathon?
The Little Rockers Kids Marathon Training Program is free. Your child does not have to participate in the marathon to participate in the training program.  Training may be conducted at home on your time schedule or at your child’s school (if offered).  All forms are available online, or from program leaders.

How can I start a Little Rockers program at my child’s school?
If your school, church, athletic team, or civic group does not have a program and you would like to be a coordinator, please contact

When does my child log miles, and how can I determine the distance he/she ran/walked?
If your child trains with an official group, the leader will keep up with the mileage. If your child trains at home, an adult should accompany the child. You can measure the distance with your car, or take them to the local track or park.

How many children can participate in the 2021 Little Rockers Final Mile?
Only 1,000 children will be allowed to take part this year.


When is packet pick up?
Packet pick up is at the Little Rock Marathon Health & Fitness Expo.

Friday, March 4, 2022 (10 am to 8 pm)
Saturday, March 5, 2022 (10 am to 6 pm)

Where is packet pick up?
Statehouse Convention Center – Governor’s Hall I & II
#1 Statehouse Plaza (Main & Markham Streets)
Little Rock, AR 72201

I want to drive in the morning of the race or I am unable to make it to the expo on Friday or Saturday. Can I have my packet mailed to me in advance?
Unfortunately, we do not have access to race numbers or race shirts prior to the Expo, making it impossible to mail them in advance of the event.  We do, however, allow a proxy or representative (friend, family member, co-worker or training partner) to pick up your race packet for you, provided they have a copy of your registration confirmation, packet pick up authorization form and their photo ID.  You and that representative can then make arrangements to meet on race morning.

Can I pick up my packet on race day?

What is included in my race packet?
Your race number (which has the timing chip attached to it), participant shirt, clear plastic gear check bag and final instructions will be in your packet.  It is very important that you read the final instructions prior to race day.  We will include only pertinent information to help you be more prepared for race morning. You are responsible for knowing the information that we provide to you in the final instructions.

What do I need to bring with me to pick up my packet?
Bring your photo ID (must match what is printed on your race packet) and a copy of your confirmation to the expo to pick up your packet.

Can a friend pick up my packet for me?
Yes. Participant must fill out and sign the Packet Pick-up Authorization Form, then give it to the person picking up your packet. That individual will take the signed, completed form and their photo ID to the expo and give it to the volunteer handing out race packets. 

CLICK HERE for the Packet Pick-up Authorization Form or go to the Forms page

When will I receive my registration confirmation ticket?
After you registered you received a confirmation.  If you need to get another confirmation please CLICK HERE.

How can I find out what my race number is?
You will be able to see your start corral and race number after February 14, 2022.


What do I get for my registration fee?
All registered participants receive a technical participant shirt, personalized race number (if entered before February 14), limited edition poster (don’t forget to pick it up at packet pick up), entertainment and course support.  Finishers receive a race specific finisher’s medal at the finish line, electronic Finisher’s Certificate (available mid-April), and post-race festivities with snacks, refreshments, and entertainment.  Medals MUST be picked up at the finish line on race day. Items will not be mailed.

Can I have an extra t-shirt?
Sorry, we can only provide one t-shirt per registered participant.

Why the big medal and how big will the medals get?
Why? Because we can. We believe finishing a marathon is a significant achievement, and we think a finisher should have a medal that represents their achievement. Each year our medal has gotten a little bigger.  The marathon is the biggest medal we offer.  All other medals are smaller than that marathon medal (fewer miles – smaller medal). 


What distances are available race weekend?
Marathon: 26.2 miles
Half Marathon: 13.1 miles
10K: 6.2 miles
5K: 3.1 miles

What is the Little Rock Marathon Combo Challenge?
The Challenge is for anyone registered who completes two races race weekend.  The 5K or 10K on Saturday and the Marathon or Half Marathon on Sunday. If you have registered for races separately or want to add a race to be part of the Combo, please email Hobbit.

When will I receive my Combo Medal?
Combo (aka Challenge Medals) will be awarded in runner services upon completion of the second race.

Is the Little Rock Marathon part of a series?
Yes.  We are part of two series.

  • RUN LOCAL: The Run Local Race Series is designed to encourage individuals at all fitness levels to keep running and walking throughout the season (October to March).  Whether you’re a beginner or experienced runner, an elite competitor or an age-grouper looking to cross the finish line, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at the Run Local Race Series.
  • The Natural State Running Series CLICK HERE.

Where is the race located?
The races start and finish on LaHarpe Blvd (behind the Statehouse Convention Center).


Where can I access my participant information (edit personal information, change shirt size, communication from the event director, referral links, etc)?

  1. Go to https://raceroster.comor an event page and click Sign In (top right). Use your email associated with your Race Roster account, select ‘Yes, I have a Password’ and enter your password.
  2. If you signed in from you will now be on your participant dashboard.
  3. If you signed in from an event page navigate to the far right corner of your screen and select the Menu.
  4. Under menu select “Dashboard” under the participant section

From your Participant Dashboard you can

  • Access details for your upcoming events (use white box in top bar to select the right event)
  • View all your transaction details and receipts
  • Manage your pending transfer requests

Can I register on the day of the race?

How do I know that my registration went through when I signed up online?
You will receive an email confirming your registration shortly after completing the online process.  Please keep this email for reference should any questions regarding your registration occur.  You will need this confirmation to pick up your race packet.

How do I get my registration confirmation?
On-line registrants will receive an auto-generated confirmation immediatelyafter the registration is completed.  Keep this email confirmation for future reference as it has vital information you may need race weekend.  If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder first. Then log into your participant dashboard to correct your email.  RACE ROSTER PARTICIPANT DASHBOARD – CLICK HERE 

Will I receive a confirmation in the mail?

Why haven’t I received an email confirmation?
It could be that your computer’s spam filter has blocked the email confirmation that was sent to you.  Please check your Spam/Junk Mail Folder and move us to your “allowed senders” list.

Do you limit the number of runners in each race?
There are registration limits for each race. Please refer to those race pages for each participant limit.

When do you expect to reach the field limit in the marathon and half marathon?
Historically we have sold out of the marathon two months prior to race weekend and the half marathon a month before, but there is no guarantee on when we will sell out. Register early to avoid missing the race.

What is the race change policy?
Switching from one event to another is only permitted until November 1 or until the event into which you wish to switch is sold out, whichever comes first.  Changes may be made with the following restrictions:

  • A fee of $2 will be charged from one race to another, plus any applicable registration fees, as well as credit card processing fees.
  • Participants may switch between races (marathon to half, half to 10K, 5K to halfONLY if the desired race is NOT sold out.  We encourage you to make this decision early as possible.
  • Registration fee is based on current price will be credited toward the new registration
  • There are NO refunds on fees.
  • All switches must be completed online.
  • Changes after the deadline will be processed at the Health & Fitness Expo (if space is available in the desired race). Pick up your race packet first, then head to the Solutions/Problem Solver desk to make changes.

What are the age restrictions?

  • The minimum age to participate in the half marathon is 12 years old.
  • The minimum age to participate in the marathon is 16 years old.
  • Any age can participate in the 5K and 10K as long as the participant is in good health, has paid a registration fee and shows up race morning.
  • All registrants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian’s signature of approval on the entry form.
  • The Little Rock Marathon directors reserve the right to require proof of age.
  • Little Rockers Kids Marathon participants must be enrolled in grades 1-6.

Why don’t you allow people who have last-minute injuries or training issues to change races or transfer their entries after February 14?
We understand this can be frustrating, but our cutoff date is established for a number of reasons.  Most notably, it takes a full 2 weeks to assign race numbers and then order, print, and attach timing chips to all 14,000 participant race numbers.  Once our race numbers are assigned and our participant data confirmed, that information must also be shared with a number of partners, including our race photography company, our timing/results company, and our medical team.  This totals 400,000 data cells! Every single change made after November 1 must be done manually and compromises the integrity of the data for all participants.

Am I able to change my shirt size before the race weekend?
Absolutely!  To change your shirt size prior to February 25, please go to your log in to your participant dashboard on Raceroster, then select “Edit Registration” on the right side of the page.  (White box beside your confirmation number).  No shirt size changes will be permitted after February 25.

Every effort will be made to accommodate size requests. The majority of our staff members are athletes, and we truly understand the disappointment of arriving late to discover your shirt size is out.  We adjust our shirt order each and every year in an effort to prevent this very situation.  We will have a shirt exchange booth at the Expo and at Runner Services on Sunday inside the Statehouse Convention Center.

What is a physically challenged athlete?
The Little Rock Marathon defines a physically challenged athlete as an individual not competing in the wheelchair or hand cycle divisions. Additionally, we define a physically challenged athlete as an individual with “(A) a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities of such individual; (B) a record of such an impairment; or (C) being regarded as having such an impairment,” defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).*

*CRS Report for Congress, The American with Disabilities Act (ADA): The Definition of Disability, March 9, 2006. Further, a physically challenged athlete as define by the International Paralymic Committee Classification Code (Nov 2007), Section 5, Subsection 5.2-5.3: 5.2 to be eligible to compete, an athlete must have an impairment that leads to a permanent and verifiable activity limitation. 5.3 The impairment should limit the athlete’s ability to compete equitably in elite sport with athletes without impairment.

Do I need to register my young children for the 5K?
Every individual on the course (regardless of age) must have a number and must sign a waiver. Participants under 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. All unregistered individuals will be escorted from the course.

How late can I register?

  • Online – If the event is not sold out, the last day to register online is February 25, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. CST.
  • If the event you wish to register for is not sold out, registration will resume at the Health & Fitness Expo race weekend. Please see the “expo” section for details on time and location.
  • Higher fees apply at the expo.
  • See section above for field limits.

What materials should I expect to receive when I register, and when should I receive them?
Registrations submitted with a valid email address will receive an email confirmation. We do not mail registration confirmations.

I am signed up for a Saturday race (5k or 10k) and a Sunday race (Half or Marathon).  Will I automatically receive a Challenge medal?
If you didn’t register as a Combo participant, you will not receive the Challenge medal.  If you don’t know if you are registered as a Combo, email our registrar, Hobbit Singleton, @

I ran the Creep n Crawl, and the Ugly Sweater races and am running in one of the Little Rock Marathon races, will I automatically receive a Run Local medal?
If you are not registered through the Run Local Series, you will not receive the medal.  If you don’t know if you are registered through the Series, email our registrar, Hobbit Singleton, @

I was registered for the race, but have decided not to run. May I give my bib to someone else to run the race?

I can’t get a baby sitter race day. May I push a baby stroller in the race?
Baby/jog strollers are not allowed in ANY of the Little Rock Marathon races. The only “strollers” allowed in the races are those used for athletes with disabilities.


How should I line up at the start line?
The start line and start corrals are secure areas for participants only.  The intent of the corral start is to ensure a positive race experience and provide all participants the same opportunity for a quick, smooth and safe start with sufficient room to run/walk along the race course.   Athletes should line up in the start corral that corresponds to the letter on his/her race number.  Start corrals were assigned based on the estimated finish time given at registration.

  • As a reminder, a participant’s official time does not begin until he or she crosses the start line. The timing system provides each participant with an accurate time from the start line to finish line.
  • If you do not give an estimated finish time, you will automatically be assigned to the Open Corral.
  • You MUST qualify to be placed in Corral A and Corral B (see details below on how to be placed in Corral A or Corral B).

How do I qualify for placement in Corral A and Corral B?
Athletes who can document a performance better than or equal to the qualifying times noted below may submit their proof (via link to qualifying time) during registration.  If you do not have link available during registration, you may add it to your registration.  You must have your registration confirmation number (please refer to confirmation email you received when you registered) to amend your registration.  CLICK HERE to add link to your registration. 

  • The deadline to be placed in Corral A or Corral B is February 14.  After the deadline, you will be placed in a corral that has an opening. No exceptions.
  • Placement in Corral A and Corral B is NOT automatic and is on a first come, first-severed basis (it pays to register early).
  • To qualify for Corral A or Corral B, athletes must have completed a marathon within the last 12 months that meets the qualifying standard.

Corral          Marathon                             Half
A                  Under 3:00:59                     Under 1:30:59
B                  3:01:00 to 3:45:59              1:31:00 to 1:45:59
C                  3:46:00 to 4:20:59              1:46:00 to 2:00:59
D                  4:21:00 to 5:00:59              2:01:00 to 2:20:59
E                  5:01:00 to 6:00:00              2:21:00 to 3:00:59
F                   6:00:59 to 8:00:00              3:01:00 to 4:00:00

Is there a shuttle service from the hotels to the start/finish area?
Please check with your hotel to see if they offer a free shuttle to the start finish.

How far is the start line from the finish line?
The start and finish lines are in the same location.

Where does the race start and finish?
All races start on LaHarpe Boulevard, behind the Statehouse Convention Center. The start line may be accessed by heading north on LaHarpe Boulevard from the intersection of LaHarpe and President Clinton Avenue, or by heading north on Ashley Street, just on the west end of the Marriott Hotel

Where should I park race day?
Parking is available on the streets and in public parking garages. Normal parking rules and fees will apply, and be aware of NO PARKING SIGNS for Race Day that will be posted. Parking on the course will result in your vehicle being towed.  CLICK HERE for information on downtown parking.

What time should I get there on race day?
The Little Rock Marathon Runner Services will be open at 5:30 a.m. We suggest you arrive early to familiarize yourself with the area.

What time do the races start?

Saturday, March 5, 2022
7:30 am – Little Rock 10K & Little Rock 5K 
11 am – Little Rockers Kids Marathon Final Mile

Sunday, March 6, 2022
6 am – Early Start for approve Marathoners Only
7:58 am – Wheelchair, Hand Cycle, & Physically Challenged Athlete Start
8 am – Marathon & Half Marathon Start


 Is the race timed?
All 2022 Little Rock Marathon races (except for the Little Rockers Final Mile) will be timed using a disposable timing chip, which is attached to each participant’s race number. The disposable chip requires no battery, is lighter than a feather and has a built in microprocessor customized to ensure maximum reads even during the most challenging of conditions.

    • no chips or tags to return post-race
    • official “gun” time results available at the results tent with live scrolling results on TV Monitors and touch screen kiosks. No chip/race number. No time. No exceptions.

Where and when do I get my timing device?
Your timing device will be available when you pick up your race packet at the Health & Fitness Expo. It is attached to your race number.  Please check your race number.  If it is not attached, please see the Solutions Desk before you leave the Expo.

What is chip time, and how is it different from gun time?
Chip time is recorded by a timing device that is attached to your race number. The device records the time the participant crosses the start line, the finish line and several locations on the course. The Chip time is often shorter than gun time because chip time begins when the participant crosses the start line while gun time starts when the gun is fired; many participants do not cross the start line until several minutes after their official gun time has begun.

Why use a timing device?
A timing device is a more accurate measure than gun time of how long it takes a participant to complete the race. Gun time is only 100% accurate for the first row of runners who cross the start line when the gun sounds.

What if the chip gets wet?
The device is completely weatherproof and will work regardless of rain, heat, storms, humidity or other inclement conditions.


What will the weather be like on race day?
We would all love to know the answer to that question! Unfortunately, we will have to refer to the historical temperatures for Little Rock in mid-November.  Average temperatures for the 21st of November are 40°F low and 63°F high.

What happens if it rains?
The race will go on regardless of precipitation. In the event that weather conditions present an imminent danger to participants, the race will be re-routed or cancelled.

It is the primary goal of the Little Rock Marathon to provide and ensure a safe event for participants, volunteers and community attendees alike. We will be diligent in not exposing the participants, the volunteers or the community at large to any undue risk in the production and or execution of the event. We understand the commitment the participants have made in entering the race, however, the decisions regarding race cancellations and/or alterations will be based on the larger community safety as well as the participants. Moreover, if community resources are threatened, we will act to protect them from unnecessary stress.

In regard to weather specifically, the Little Rock Marathon has adopted the WBGT (Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature) index as its standard. High heat and humidity, as measured in accordance with the American College of Sports Medicine recommendations for participation in endurance events, could result in cancellation of the event. WBGT is considered “the most practical heat stress index characterizing the effect of a heat stress environment on the individual.”

When weather conditions or other physical conditions present a danger to the participants as a whole, the Little Rock Marathon maintains the right to cancel the race. Less threatening conditions could cause alteration of the race and/or the race course or length of the race to further ensure participant, volunteer and community safety. The conditions fall under an “Act of God” – and will not result in refunding of any race entry fee or future race credits. The Little Rock Marathon officials, along with officials from the City of Little Rock, will make decisions regarding the cancellation or alteration of the race. In the case of a course evacuation, Little Rock Marathon officials and local law enforcement officials will communicate throughout the race course to direct participants to safe shelters to await transportation back to the start and/or finish area.

The Little Rock Marathon will use an on-course emergency alert sign system. The sign colors will change with a change in the heat/cold stress level. The staff at the aid stations will know the meaning of each color.

Extreme conditions that are high risk already place a burden on community health care systems, including emergency medical transportation, as well as hospital room capacity. Little Rock Marathon officials will not knowingly place the community in any such position that will place burden on overall community safety.

Each participant assumes responsibility when entering an event with the potential risks that a marathon presents. All runners should be discerning of their own fitness level in their decision to enter the marathon. Furthermore, all participants are strongly advised to cooperate with directives given by Little Rock Marathon officials and to assist in ensuring the safety of their fellow participants, especially when conditions are less than ideal.

Thank you for taking time to read the FAQs on our race.