Welcome!  The information on this page is for individuals interested in starting and official program.

The Little Rockers Kids Marathon, presented by the Hatcher Agency, is a great way to get children excited about physical fitness and reward them for their accomplishments. Little Rockers programs are led by adult volunteers from schools, before- and after-school programs, community centers, homeless shelters, civic, religious organization, nonprofits and other civic groups.

An official program is 10 or more children participating in the Final Mile.

Not all children are alike, so not all Little Rocker Programs are alike.  The training program is designed to allow each leader to be as creative as their time, talent and budget will allow.

Benefits for Children Benefits for Teachers
• Combats childhood obesity
Promotes pride in accomplishment and life-long positive habits
Non-competitive – all children are successful
A fun experience for children of all ages
Group goal setting
Easy to implement and turn-key
Training, advice, and support provided
Excellent resource guide for health-related topics
Supplements or fulfills physical activity requirements
Improves students’ focus and behavior


1) Become familiar with all aspects of the Little Rockers Kids Marathon Training Program and Final Mile.
2) Register your program.

  • After your application has been approved, your Program will be listed on the website and instructions sent on how to access the Leader area, which has all the information you will need to get your program started.
  • Only one leader needs to submit an application for a Program. Additional leaders, teachers, helpers can be listed on the Program’s submission.   To add additional helpers/leaders to a Program at a later date, please email Leah.
  • Be sure to take advantage of the forms and tools you might need for your program.

3) Seek permission from your school or organization if you are starting a new program.  Race officials can help you if needed.  Please email glamm@littlerock.gov.
Develop a schedule
5) Establish Program goal(s)
6) Recruit kids to your Program
7) Start training
8) Update Race Headquarters
9) Register your Kids for the Final Mile
10) See you at the Final Mile on February 29

If your group can’t make it to Little Rock for the Final Mile on February 29, you can host a Final Mile at your school/organization, please tell us. Shirts and medals are available for purchase.

Leah Pearce, Chair