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Erin and Gary (click here)

IMG_4169A pace team is a group of athletes led by an experienced leader who run/walk together during the race.  The pace leader keeps a steady pace and keeps track of that pace so the individuals in that group can achieve their goal of finishing the race at a particular time.

We will be offering pace groups led by experienced pacers for a wide variety of times, including many of the Boston qualifying standards. We hope you will find this support useful as you strive to achieve your marathon or half marathon goals. In 2017 both the marathon and half marathon will have a common start and use the same pacers.  Pacersign

Pace times are as follows: 
3:15, 3:25, 3:30, 3:35, 3:40, 3:45, 3:55, 4:00, 4:10, 4:25, 4:30, 4:40, 4:45, 4:55, 5:00, 5:10, 5:30, 5:45, 6:00, 6:15, 6:30, 6:45, 7:00, 7:30, and 8:00.

One of the biggest mistakes that a new athlete can make is to start out too fast and then hit the wall in the later portions of the race. The pace team will keep an even pace per mile. If the pace feels too slow in the beginning of the race that’s normal. Just stay with the group and ask the pace leader about an appropriate strategy for the second half. If you find the pace too fast in the early miles, then slow down and drop back to the next group so you’ll be able to finish the race.


Check Out the Pacer Page on Facebook or meet them at the Health & Fitness Expo.
Get to know them! Ask a question? Find your pacer for the race!

Pace Time Name City, State Picture
3:15 Marc Gill North Little Rock, AR picture
3:15 Anthony Cendana Cumming, IA
3:25 Chris Ho North Little Rock, AR picture
3:25 Jeffrey Zern Little Rock, AR picture
3:30 Jonathan Boils Little Rock, AR picture
3:30 David Langford Charleston, AR
3:35 Caleb Ault North Little Rock, AR picture 
3:35 Keith Cooper Little Rock, AR picture
3:40 Thomas Chapin Paron, AR
3:40 Robert (PoDog) Vogler Russellville, AR picture
3:45 Tommy Brennan Poteau, OK picture
3:45 Danielle  Matusik Chelsea, MI picture
3:55 Katie Helms Fayetteville, AR picture
3:55 Brian (David) Wright Nashville, TN picture
4:00 Paul Maness Branson, MO picture
4:00 Heather Zeigler Woodridge, IL picture
4:10 Angelito Tejada Ypsilanti, MI picture
4:10 Heather Price Bartlett, TN picture
4:25 Charles Hurst Germantown, TN picture
4:25 John Rosatti Somerset, PA picture
4:30 Lia  Mayfield Fort Smith, AR picture
4:30 Drew Brooks Haymarket, VA picture
4:40 Marie Bartoletti Bethel Park, PA picture
4:40 Paul Turner Conway, AR picture
4:45 Reid Landes Little Rock, AR picture
4:45 Thomas Perri Maple Grove, MN picture
4:55 Dennis Prewitt Cordova, TN picture
4:55 Duane Clayton Little Rock, AR picture
5:00 Ken Fattmann Bentonville, AR picture
5:00 Kristin  Parker  Maumelle, AR picture
5:10 Lacey Maness Branson, MO picture
5:10 Diane Bolton Nashville, TN picture
5:30 Shannon James Georgetown, KY picture
5:30 Gary Morgan Clarkston, MI picture
5:45 Ryan Weston Maumelle, AR picture
5:45 Chris Shuptrine Bigelow, AR picture
6:00 Patrick Barker Little Rock, AR
6:00 Michael Harmon Little Rock, AR
6:15 Jose “Jay” Guzman Memphis, TN picture
6:15 Vanessa  Rankin Antioch, TN picture
6:30 Annette Blanton Cabot, AR picture
6:30 Arland Blanton Cabot, AR picture
6:45 LaTasha  Fields Southaven, MS picture
6:45 Angie Tidwell Bartlett, TN picture
7:00 Elaine Gimblet North Little Rock, AR picture
7:00 Jayme Sturgeon Maumelle, AR picture
7:30 Malcolm Glover Bryant, AR picture
7:30 Melody Muldrow Little Rock, AR picture
8:00 Kelli Boyer Alexandria, VA picture
8:00 Michelle Moore Lansing, MI picture


If you are an experienced marathoner and would be interested in leading a pace group for a specific time, please CLICK HERE to contact Melody Muldrow and Malcolm Glover our Pace Team Leaders.