On Sunday of race weekend, come cheer on the thousands of participants as they cross the finish line.  You’ll be so moved after seeing all of the different types of people crossing the finish line that you’ll want to be among the first to register for next year’s race.

When the cheering is through, come into the Athlete’s Village to meet up with family and friends. It is open to the public, enjoy FREE ADMISSION to live entertainment, shop the official merchandise store and enjoy good times as the runners make their way through runner services.


Once finishers cross the finish line, they will enter a secure finish zone.  Spectators are not allowed in this area.  The secure finish zone is located on LaHarpe Boulevard and moves into Halls III & IV of the Statehouse Convention Center.  After crossing the finish line, athletes will keep moving through the finish zone to collect their finisher medal and  Mylar blanket, water and Gatorade Endurance Formula.  Participants will exit the secured finish zone in Hall III of the Statehouse Convention Center. Once they have exited the secure zone, the Athlete’s Village, which contains the family reunion area, entertainment, as well as gear check pick-up, will be located in Halls I & II of the Statehouse Convention Center.


Spectator access will be available on the north side of LaHarpe Boulevard, behind the Statehouse Convention Center. Bleachers and standing room will be provided with sight lines for the start and the finish line.  Spectators are strongly encouraged to meet their athletes at Athlete’s Village inside the Statehouse Convention Center.


Located inside Halls I & II of the Statehouse Convention Center, Athlete’s Village, presented by Heifer International is the hub of pre and post race activities.  Athlete’s Village serves as the reunion area to reunite with friends and family after the race.  Gear check, lost & found, a beer garden, participant massage therapy and unofficial results are also offered here.  Athlete’s Village is open to the public.


Family and friends should plan to reunite with their athlete down in Athlete’s Village, presented by Heifer International, located inside the Statehouse Convention Center.  This area will be in the center of the Athlete’s Village where there are tables and chairs.  You will not be allowed to meet your athlete in the finish line, as this is a secure zone.


All finishers will be allowed to redeem a ticket from their race bib for a small snack in Athlete’s Village. The snack will consist of something salty and something sweet. Finishers will also be able to redeem two drink tickets for their choice of soda, Hiland Dairy Milk or Michelob Ultra (must be 21 or older to receive any alcohol). Premium Refreshment Water and Gatorade Endurance Formula will be available for all, without a ticket.


All finishers are able to receive a complimentary massage after completing their Sunday race.  Look for the massage area in Athlete’s Village.


Official merchandise including finisher shirts will be available for purchase.  Some items may be sold out by race day.  Come to the Health & Fitness Expo, on Friday and Saturday, for the best selection.


Athletes may drop off and pick up their gear check bag in the Athlete’s Village. Drop off for gear check will begin at 5:30 a.m., and all bags need to be claimed by 4:00 p.m.