Mud Run Details

Here’s the Down & Dirty . . .
Created for those who think a little differently about this runnin’ stuff. Definitely NOT your average 5K, the Mud Run is for those with an adventuresome spirit and organic spa treatment types.

Participants run, walk, skip, trot, and even cavort through our 5K(ish – please refer to helpful hints section for the clarification of “ish) course, which winds through the scenic trails of War Memorial Park, then finish with a spectacular frolic (yes style points are given to participants when they enter the pit) through our world-renowned mud pit, which is filled with that amazing (and organic) Arkansas mud.

The point is not to finish fast but to finish with style.

About Our Mud*
For centuries, mud from the Mud Run Mud Pit has been the beauty secret for countless women.  Found exclusively at the Mud Run, our Mud is packed with the finest organic ingredients (i.e. sticks, grass, a few rocks, couple roots, a sock, shoes left over from last year’s race) that tone, soften, and clarify.  The Mud Run Mud will leave you refreshed and visibly dirty.  You will emerge from the Mud looking like a goddess.  Your skin will appear (at least tell yourself it is) younger, smoother, and more radiant with your first treatment.   Hoity toity spa treatments like a romp through our Mud would cost you a squillion dollars, but you can take advantage of our exclusive do-it-yourself spa treatment for the mere price of admission into this year’s Mud Run.

*disclaimer – due to the silly nature of the Mud Run any and all statements are conjecture based on the time of day or mood of race officials.

Seize the Opportunity Now! Once word spreads about the exceptional quality of our Mud, we’ll be compelled to raise the price astronomically.  Then, we may need to hire a guy named Carl to validate your impeccable appearance while using it. Ultimately, we’ll become so exclusive that we’ll have no choice but to turn away potential athletes due to overwhelming demand.

Competition Categories and Awards
Only the top three men and women will be timed – unless we forget to start the clock (then we give it a pretty good guess).

Anywho, awards will be given as follows:

  • Top three fastest (men & women)
  • Cleanest (just one of those)
  • Dirtiest (Adult & Child)
  • Best Costume (Adult & Child)
  • Best Entrance Into The Pit
  • Best Performance While In the Pit
                                 . . . and much, much more

Rules of Competition
Every sport has silly rules, official commandments, or an unwritten code of conduct.  Annoying right? The Mud Run is no exception.  The Mud Run has more of what you’d call ‘guidelines‘ than actual rules.  Here are a few of the guidelines:

  • ish” is defined as sorta; somewhat; in a way; not exactly; near or about; approximately.
  • Everything is an “ish”.
  • Organizers reserve the right to add an “ish” as needed.
  • REALLY – The only thing serious about our race is THE MUD!

Course, Timing, and Time Limits

  • The course is 3.1 (ish) miles.
  • The course is considered a cross-country course.  The surface is mowed grass and old golf cart paths.  Course could have chug holes, rocks, tree roots, crazy clowns, and garden gnomes.
  • Timing is important so we will try to remember to start a clock, but chances are we will forget.  So, if you want to keep track of your time, then start your watch.
  • Time limit? Probably an hour.  The mosquitoes could carry you off the later you go.

Helpful Hints, Useful Tips, Inklings, Ponderings, Sage Advice, Suggestions

  • The Mud Run has its own vernacular (please refer to the definitions section if you are interested).
  • Wear your grungy clothes and old sneakers, because it is more than likely they won’t be going home with you.  There will be a free rinse off area. 
  • Bring a big trash bag (unless you want your car trashed).
  • Leave your jewelry at home (someone lost a diamond ring in 2011).
  • Drink fluids before and after the race.
  • Bug spray is highly recommended.  It is Arkansas. 
  • Do Not dive headfirst into the mud pit (although points are given to the most artistic entrance into the pit).
  • This is a fun run so help your neighbor if they need help.
  • No pushing, shoving, crying, or biting while in the pit.
  • There will be medical staff at the finish line.
  • Small children or small animals should not go in the pit unattended (in 2012 someone lost their dog in the pit – looking for a lost diamond ring.  Fear not – the dog was found. The ring was not so lucky.)
  • No metal detectors in the pit (remember we found the dog).
  • Wear a cool costume (come on – all the kids are doing it).
  • No rollerblades, no whining, small horses, no grumpy people.
  • Baby strollers are strongly discouraged unless you have an all-terrain stroller. 
  • If a course marshal looks confused – take that as a sign that you may be taking a wrong turn.
  • If a course marshal is laughing uncontrollably, they may have knowingly turned you the wrong way or you had a wardrobe malfunction. We love course marshals.
  • “Obstacles” add to the fun and excitement of the race. We may or may not have obstacles this year.  It really depends on how creative we get and if we get a sponsor to pay for them.
  • If there are obstacles, only the crazy blonde lady knows what the obstacles are until the race officially begins.
    HINT-HINT-WINK-WINK-NUDGE-NUDGE.  The organizers of the Mud Run truly believe that stepping up to the start line of any race should be a celebration of the human spirit.  Since its inception, the Mud Run has maintained the highest standard of silliness, coupled with a huge helping of organized chaos, equality, and humor.   The race staff is sworn to secrecy and will not tell you what the “obstacle” is.  However, flowers and candy have worked in the past when participants wanted to get the competitive edge so they could win the highly coveted Mud Run Crown. P.S. There is no crown (it just sounds fancy).

Other Incredibly Compelling Information

  • Mud Marshals have “ultimate power”. If you do not crawl through the mud pit properly or if you do not execute the “obstacle” properly, they will send you back through the mud pit or obstacle.
  • You must ask the Mud Marshals for permission to enter the mud pit a second time.
  • Our Mud Marshals will escort participants caught trying to skip the mud pit through the pit.


  • Vernacular: the language spoken by the people of the Mud; silly nonsense stuff we made up.
  • “Ish”: defined as a kinda-sorta; somewhat; in a way; not exactly; near or about; approximately.
  • Mud Marshal: refers to an individual that has been designated to by the Goddess to ensure all individuals entering the Mud Pit are good and dirty; having ultimate power.
  • Mojo Stick:  a scepter carried by the Goddess as a symbol of her sovereignty over the Mud Pit.
  • The Mud Pit:  that of stories and legends; filled with magically substances which when traversed will give the participant a source of energy and/or well-being.
  • Majestic Mud Mountain:  a mystical place where individuals claim to attain, or believe in the possibility of attaining, insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge, as by direct communication with the divine or immediate intuition in a state of spiritual ecstasy.

The Legend of Brian the Barbarian
Once upon a time there was this really fast guy that ran the first Mud Run in 2003.  Let’s call him Brian the Barbarian (aka Brian Bariola –  a really fast dude).  Well Brian the Barbarian was at least 2 miles ahead of the rest of the field.  The crazy blonde lady did not think it was very sporting to have Brian beat the entire field by such a large margin.  So with a wave of her magic Mud Run Mojo Stick, she issued the decree from high atop Majestic Mud Mountain and the course was magically changed in the middle of the race. Thus, saving thousands the humiliation of being beat like a rented mule.  Brian still won the race, got a few extra miles in, and everyone lived happily ever after.

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