The start line and start corrals are secure areas for participants only. Start corrals are used to provide a smooth fast start for faster athletes, as well as a positive race experience with sufficient room to run/walk along the race course.  The goal is to keep slower athletes from lining up in front of faster athletes.

Athletes should line up in the start corral that corresponds to the letter on his/her race number.  Start corrals were assigned based on the estimated finish time given at registration.

Start Corral Times:

Corral Marathon Half Marathon 10K 5K Proof
A Under 3:00:59 Under 1:30:59 Under 37:59 Under 18:39 YES
B 3:01:00 to 3:45:59 1:31:00 to 1:45:59 38:00 to 44:59 18:40 to 23:59 YES
C 3:46:00 to 4:20:59 1:46:00 to 2:00:59 45:00 to 1:00:59 24:00 to 28:59 NONE
D 4:21:00 to 5:00:59 2:01:00 to 2:20:59 1:01:00 to 1:20:59 29:00 to 34:59 NONE
E 5:01:00 to 5:30:59 2:21:00 to 3:00:59 1:21:00 to 1:40:59 35:00 to 45:59 NONE
F 5:31:00 to 6:00:00 3:01:00 to 4:00:00 1:41:00 to 2:00:00 46:00 to 1:00:00 NONE
  • Participants do not have to send proof of time for Corrals C, D, E or F.
  • On race day athletes are required to stay in the corral they are assigned for contact tracing purposes.

Corral A & B Seeding:

  • Athletes who can document a performance better than or equal to the qualifying times noted below may submit their proof (via link to qualifying time) during registration.  If you do not have link available during registration CLICK HERE to email the link to your proof.
  • The deadline to be placed in Corral A or Corral B is February 1st. After the deadline, you will be placed in a corral that has an opening.
  • Staff will not look up a time – even if you participated last year.
  • Placement in Corral A and Corral B is NOT automatic and is NOT guaranteed
  • Placement in Corral A and Corral B is on a first come, first-served basis (it pays to register early).
  • To qualify for Corral A or Corral B, athletes must have completed a marathon within the last 18 months that meets the qualifying standard.


For new athletes, race weekend may seem overwhelming.  So many questions.  So little time.   If you are asking yourself “What is this corral thing?”  If that is your question, then you are not alone! So here is the scoop on how the corrals work.

What the heck is a corral?
A corral is a group of runners/walkers that are classified by their estimated finish time.

Why are we in corrals at the start of the race?
Grouping athletes by their estimated finish time allows each athlete to be surrounded by others who will be at that same pace.  Corrals also space athletes out on the course so there is less crowding at aid stations, which will lead to a more enjoyable race experience for everyone.

How are corrals assigned?
Corrals are assigned by the estimated finish time an athlete submits when he/she registers. Corral A & B require that an athlete prove that he/she can run the time required to be in those corrals.  If no proof of time is available, the athlete will be placed in one of the last corrals. The number of corrals is determined by the number of participants in the race.

How will we know which Corral we are in?
Corral assignments finalized February 1st.  An athlete can find out his/her corral by looking at their confirmation after February 14.   The Corral assignment is also on the participant race number, which is picked up race weekend.

My friend, spouse, or child is assigned to a different corral.  How can we start together?
The need for race officials to know who is in what corral is extremely important.  If you need to make a corral change, please to correct your estimated finish time on your RaceRoster dashboard by February 1st.

  • Please do not wait until race day to request a corral change.
  • Corral changes will not be made on race day.

Do the corrals all start at once or is the start staggered?
All corrals will start at once.


Still have questions?  Please CLICK HERE to send an email.